Bury Me Not


Dirty Dai was a gossip writer's best friend...
I leave this news obit to all the wannabe tabloid
scribes...while living this playboy royal spread
his Welsh persona all over UK newspapers...
describing him as a "notorious lothario" is a mere
start for a morning paper obit. In my Columbus
Star days this guy would have made a weekly item
even for remote Ohio gossip fans. Rest easy,
Dirty Dai.


Remember my instructions about ashes in a Quaker Oats box???
Ashes on a mantle for old Aunt Mable may be fine for Aunt Mable.
But, if my ashes are over the fire place... I'll torch the house. Click
onto this marketing for urns... cremation urns for the family that
plans to be together beyond, well, until global warning takes
out Texas first and sweeps into Ohio... that's take care of all
this marketing puff. The only  six-pack I want to be around
when the big day hits... make it something cheap and
tasteless...like Bud Light... they only run that stuff through
the horse one time...


Cremation Urn 6 Pack


Thoughts of a failed WW2 Draftee...
Message to Son III:  Do not honor me with any thoughts of an honors burial 
in Arlington...yeah, I served Uncle Sam, honorably, but very much against
my will at the time...when reading this story, one thinks of two things...
we should honor the likes of Maxwell Klinger...secondly, as W. C. Fields
always remarked about his eventual demise..."I'd rather be in Philadelphia."
Fields wanted that on his tombstone. His family did not follow through
with his wishes.

Bury Me Not in Uncle Sam's patriotic turf:
Sixty-nine boxes of copied burial records of our military heroes
found stashed in a Virginia storage facility; Arlington Cemetery
hacks blame inability to deal with numbers; millions of bucks
paid to create a digital database lost. Lock down Arlington...


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