Bury Me Not


Even Jay Leno liked this one...
From the Columbus Dispatch...


Now here's a legit paid obit...
Beef Ward, also known as Pork
and Bubba...that his deceased
mother was known as Buffalo
Butt...his surviving dad answered
when called Old Fart...

Crazy Obit


Tombstone fun...
When Merv Griffin died, his two-ton black marble
marker cost his estate one million of those little
denominations...on it he wanted this information...

(...google...strangest obituaries...)

Gossip Is Good: Read the daily obits...you'll die laughing...
This from a collector of off-beat obituaries appearing in
daily newspapers....."Sally  was called home by God after
a troubled life brought on by the Devil who put her in
trouble with the law...."

Gossip Is Good...
"Lance P. died suddenly Sunday when he refused police
orders to come out with his hands up. While his life may
have been a mess, God with take him into heaven
with open arms his minister said."

Ring dem bells and shake dose tambourines...
An old gent named Roosevelt G. had his obit appear as an
invitation to his graveside services, but wanted all
attendees to bring their own bells and rattles...adding that
any money donations could go to his grieving girlfriend.
New Orleans funerals are the loudest.

Talk about a bad ass...
There's a difference between a news obit and paid one...
Here's a classic news story, a news obit written by a
staffer on  London's Telegraph...all the guy's warts and
crimes...a crack-smoking serial adulterer, a hoaxer, a
successful pimp...none of that stuff would appear in
a paid obit which, probably, would have God opening
pearly gates now that death has washed away all sins...


The Beloved Pet...
Jet Magazine Dog Funeral
– Jet Magazine, August 27, 1953

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